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Rad Kimiagaran Company is a private Company(Ltd) since 2000 in Iran which operates in the fields of providing and distributing chemicals, laboratory devices, and equipment, and which has the objective of meeting the demands of research and industrial centers and universities.

By considering our close relations with university centers, research centers, and industrial centers, our thorough familiarity whith the market of Iran, and the utilization of experienced, knowledgeable, and educated staff, we dedicated high operational speed alongside the adequate facilities. And thereby we are hopeful , to be able to meet the laboratory demands of the Iranian community in the fields of research and industry.

This company is offering its services to such wholesale positions as universities and high education institutes nationwide. Furthermore, the company is offering its services to the Petrochemical Company, Iran Oil National Company, the sewerage association, the veterinary association, and further private laboratories.

The strategic location of the firm and its store, which are situated in the central bazaar of Esfahan –the commercial city an the largest industrial city of Iran- and the advantage of having a sales office in Tehran –the political and commercial capital of Iran- enables us to be thoroughly conversant with the Iranian Market.

By being within a 600-mile (1000-Km) radius of the highway and railway of entire Iran, we are able to be connected with free-trade zone waters such as the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea, and other such places as the Middle East and Central Asia.
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